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The new 28-day Mediterranean diet plan will help you change your eating habits with little effort and no guesswork.

You’ll get instant access to new recipes and meal planning ideas to lose weight naturally and boost your energy levels.

You’ll STOP struggling with belly fat, extra pounds or sweet/carb cravings and START living a healthier life.

The new plan contains a very easy to follow 28 day meal plan with quick & easy recipes and great tasting foods.

This is not a “SHORT term success” or a COSTLY diet, but a way to live healthier.

What You’ll Find Inside the New Mediterranean Diet
Arrow - Green A Complete 28-Day Meal Plan Medbook_paperbackbookstanding_300x400
Arrow - Green 100+ Quick & Easy Recipes
Arrow - Green Weekly Shopping Lists
Arrow - Green A Foods List & Meal Planning Guide
Arrow - Green Email Support and Motivation
“I feel so much better and I have tons of energy. I lost 40 pounds and my cholesterol is now at normal levels.”

Lyn Morris (*) – Bakersfield, California

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The 28-Day Mediterranean Meal Plan


Arrow - GreenDelicious & Easy to Follow
The 28-day Mediterranean meal plan is an easy to follow meal plan that will help you plan your daily meals (Breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners).
Arrow - GreenFlexible & Personalizable
We’ll give you a list of meals to eat every day with flexible instructions on what foods to eat, portion sizes, calories count, nutritional facts and ways to organize and personalize your meals.
Arrow - GreenNo Deprivation
This is not a strict meal plan. It contains a vast selection of delicious meals and foods you can combine to create a new meal or recipe every day. You will never be bored or feel deprived!
100+ Quick & Easy Recipes


Arrow - GreenReady in 15 min. or Less
Inside each day of the 28-day meal plan, you’ll find a wide selection of Mediterranean recipes and meals.

The recipes are extremely easy to make (15 min. or less) and contain few ingredients.

Arrow - GreenLow Cost & Easy to Find Foods
You can make the recipes with LOW COST foods you can easily find at your local store.
Arrow - GreenIdeal for Busy People Too
The recipes are an ideal solution for busy people who need to plan in advance, have not time to cook or eat out often.
Weekly Shopping Lists & Food Guide


Arrow - GreenFood List (200+ Foods)
You’ll get a list of 200+ foods to eat with a detailed guide with cooking tips, health benefits, nutritional facts and exchange lists for the meal plan.
Arrow - GreenMeal Planning Guide
Portion control, along with a reduction of fats in the diet, elimination of processed and unhealthy foods, and the intake of quality, natural foods are key ingredients in a healthy lifestyle and the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet.
Arrow - GreenWeekly Shopping Lists
You’ll get the weekly shopping lists to accompany the meal plan.
Other Info You’ll Find Inside The Plan…
Medbook_paperbackbookstanding_300x400 toc_medbook_2

“What I discovered is that now I crave healthy foods, and rarely eat at junk food restaurants, and vending machines are history!!!”

Tamara Chronister (*) – Snowmass Village, Colorado


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Get 2 FREE Mediterranean Diet Gifts (Valued Over $30)

shopping_list_medbook_reportstacked_150x150 Gift #1: Weekly Grocery Shopping Lists food_list_thinpaperback_300x400 Gift #2: Mediterranean Foods List
We’ll give you a list of meals to eat every day with flexible instructions

on what foods to eat, portion sizes, calories count, nutritional facts and ways to organize and personalize your meals.

Discover the best foods to add to your pantry: Fruits, Veggies, Beans, or fresh

herbs and spices to add flavors to your meals and enable you to avoid excess salt.


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  Meet the Authors
family Enrico Forte, an AFPA certified nutrition and wellness consultant, is an internationally renowned nutrition educator and culinary professional.  

Valerie (his wife) is the recipes creator and cookbook author. 

We are nutrition educators, public speakers and friends of the Alliance for Natural Health USA. 

We’re Italians, and the same principles in the book have worked for our families for centuries. This is the Mediterranean based dietary lifestyle after all! It can work for you too.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
100moneyback-green2 You get a full 60-day money back guarantee (*). So if, for some reason, you’re not happy, just let us know via mail and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked!
  Easy Downloadable Ebook (Pc, Mac, iPad, Android, Kindle)
https://www.mediterraneanbook.com/wp-content/uploads/ebook_piccolo.png You’ll receive the Mediterranean meal plan in a downloadable file you can easily print, download on your computer and carry with you in your mobile device. (Very handy for the grocery shopping lists).

No physical products will be shipped, and you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the menus to be viewed on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

Its handy file format can be viewed on any device including Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone or Android. No Need to Install Hardware.

“My husband usually cooks our meals because I don’t get home from work until 6:30 p.m. He loves your recipes and is turning into a wonderful cook.”

Nancy Maddigan (*) – Santa Rosa, California


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By placing this order, I agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.